Laugh because it feels good. Smile cause you want to. I’ve heard all the excuses, I think you’re untrue. You say you can’t grin because they’ll know. That you have a weak spot that’ll show.

The leaves grow on these tree’s but the love does not grow in my heart. The cold grows in the night but my sentiment stalls at the sight. A sight of souls waiting for stories, mental pictures of your life you’ve been destroying. It’s a shame how far you’ve come. A shame that all of your fear is gone, Cause I’ve been looking and searching for a soul who is broken. It seems you’re not only here on vacation. Little girls seem to mistake the directions.  You’re so very long from home. You missed your prince on the throne? Way back there? From sex appeal to showered drugs that heal. Heal hearts and pain.  Do you know what road’s on your way? Your facing Demons and dragons. No knights and shining lanterns. Hold on to the rope cause someone is bound to cut it down. Take hold of something more than your thrown cause someone is bound to knock you down.




Little somethings

Because the days are shorter than the nights i grow quiet,

Because the cold achs my body i grow mean,

Because you look so intensly at her i grow fire from withen,

I never had a bad thought for your kind until i let you in

So i study, and i study again

The mind of a soul creepin from deep withen

I noted all of the nothings and till this day, I never put them into somethings to save the hatred for all things

It all happened so fast

This wind in my glass

That decided it was my time to break

For Heavens sake take me back

Take me to the long kisses

Over dresses and over dressing were my downfall

And Boy did i fall down

So ashamed now but back then it wasnt absinence that was cool

Now i shoot for more than what im used for

But what im really good for

It all goes back to the future

In a time when you feel like your tortured


Life, Pain, Religion

It took a little bit, i took a little sniff, then a little more

It was a little too much that made me hit the door running


Thinking i was doing something good

It made me feel good

It made me feel out of this world, thats what i wanted

No one told me not to mix them

Wait, but they did

To pilled out to know the difference so i lay in a cold room

Almost out cold from this shake in my heart

Now i pray for the one’s just like me

When love’s all they really need

Some real TOUGH LOVE indeed

I pray they all find who saved me

May god bless and be with all of thee

Grateful For Your Gifts Lord

I took one look and i felt good, Before i felt bruised and misused, Used in portions, How unsupported. I told myself i was shorted in a lot of ways but i was really blessed, Everything you gave, You gave for me to look over.  To cook and re-cook so i could do things for myself.  Who knows who i would have been if it wasn’t for your giving nature. I always looked at the defective timeline and my imperfect nature, Little did i know you were my saviour. Each instrumental i turn to i write another song or another little Lady Triste Note

Im Very intitled to myself to keep a secret note in the flesh but you added spirit to me so im thankful for that gift. I found this very peace withen, Amen

You Saved Me

Its like the beats go to seconds and of course turn to minuets but my salvation just lit up from his presence and i have not to wonder anymore or fear of the world, The fear of the Lord has only caught my attention and the nature around my limb has turned into beauty, How it suits me, Moves me i wish all could see what you do to me

I follow the peace in me, Though when i stumble he reminds me, My house is where you hide from the grimy, the evil, How much it was a chance that you stopped me in my stomp, In the form of a sister, reminding me where i belong, I owe it all to you, Providing this, What If i was never saved? Would i see the wrong? Would i see the evil in the form of a song?

I ask please forgive me everyday, Cause i still sin.  Nevertheless let me tell you one thing Your my one and only, I could never stop believeing. You’ve done so much in the life i could never think of leaving


My unwillingness to take your word, MY anger in every verse, Amazingly i pause to conserve the very medicine that holds on me and i love it.  I take it in with every grin, Your sane, im way beyond,  I found myself siting at the pond, poundering,  Talking to Lady Triste about being ungodly.  Serving the horrid, the naughty tourist

Falling In The Fist Of It All

It all seems so real, the nonsense and the skill I start to spill marbles in the sink, One for the i’ll be back’s and the “stay in tact”, Two for the strays they all seem to come my way. Lost souls, full of time and questions,  Why am i here?  Im the definition of transgressions,  So i never really fit in  They never take the time to let me in, 

So i quickly pull them out before they fall, Spinning and spinning til i fall and i reach to the tallest “Help me” I call out to em’

Then the tree’s fall in and it blinds me from the stars im seeing

I wasted it all, You called “Grab this Cloth, Take hold and never let go”

Sin weighed so heavy on me, It tore what was sewed

Build up from the bottom

You say your sick, Oh yes im sick too can’t you see it’s been over from the start and i can’t miss you because it hurts to bad,  At one point you were all i ever had,  You always run game, here comes the next, i hear the same thing and i laugh,  Methaphors and dark scars from my past, iv come to understand, Lady triste has a plan, Your no longer in it.  I waited thought maybe you’d change your mind and spin it but i had to change mine so i can win it, Win back the trust i lost for each and everyone

I scream into the night for the sane self that i lost. Your approval, so much did it cost and i tried and tried and tried. to gain the feeling that we had at first sight, like a sceen in a dementited dream i had, How could i take you back?  I awoke and you weren’t there,  Thank god i thought i sent myself back into a mental ward cause being with you makes me crazy