Everlasting Life

It used to be your world

Now it’s mine like finders keepers

It used to be his and hers

Tears and creepers

I found love where they never keep her

And that’s where they want to keep me

Asking questions tryna get deeper

My soul was closed

Spiritually dead and so alone

Now I’m more alive than I’ve ever known

Through your words You are known

I wish everyone could see you

Like I do and like I believe

You forever been so good to me

By my side I always keep ya

Its only time to stop and see

There’s so much more than you and me

And the fighting that we’re doing

God’s listening and that should be enough

To make me straighten up

Cause through him I can overcome anything

And that’s all that I believe

I tell him every day it’s you and me

Cause through it all you’ve rescued me

You gave me the strength in thee to be a better person

No longer filled with burdens and its al because of you

I never knew the truth

But now I get chills

Every blessing you give is a thrill

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