Read all of this and then draw to this, Picture this a dark room all alone, no one to show you home so you sit and ponder where’s the love at? And where’s the truth at? If this is all, where’s the drugs at?

I tend to say to many things I gravitate to his arms

I call it home who would of known

It was him and her, well i sat alone

Faithful turned into hateful

I hit delerious and now he’s missing me

But im missing pills

There’s nothing left of me to go around so i turned selfish and gained a frown

It’s here, I’m here its LADY TRISTE

Found a church but the devils creepin, I should of known it wouldn’t be so easy so i shoot him a messege, A mental note

Sit back and laugh well i throw a swig to the back but ill never follow you, admire you

For My Lord is the only TRUTH You are no longer the one who rule’s, I just hope God forgives me for all the hateful things i do





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