Build up from the bottom

You say your sick, Oh yes im sick too can’t you see it’s been over from the start and i can’t miss you because it hurts to bad,  At one point you were all i ever had,  You always run game, here comes the next, i hear the same thing and i laugh,  Methaphors and dark scars from my past, iv come to understand, Lady triste has a plan, Your no longer in it.  I waited thought maybe you’d change your mind and spin it but i had to change mine so i can win it, Win back the trust i lost for each and everyone

I scream into the night for the sane self that i lost. Your approval, so much did it cost and i tried and tried and tried. to gain the feeling that we had at first sight, like a sceen in a dementited dream i had, How could i take you back?  I awoke and you weren’t there,  Thank god i thought i sent myself back into a mental ward cause being with you makes me crazy


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