You Saved Me

Its like the beats go to seconds and of course turn to minuets but my salvation just lit up from his presence and i have not to wonder anymore or fear of the world, The fear of the Lord has only caught my attention and the nature around my limb has turned into beauty, How it suits me, Moves me i wish all could see what you do to me

I follow the peace in me, Though when i stumble he reminds me, My house is where you hide from the grimy, the evil, How much it was a chance that you stopped me in my stomp, In the form of a sister, reminding me where i belong, I owe it all to you, Providing this, What If i was never saved? Would i see the wrong? Would i see the evil in the form of a song?

I ask please forgive me everyday, Cause i still sin.  Nevertheless let me tell you one thing Your my one and only, I could never stop believeing. You’ve done so much in the life i could never think of leaving



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