Laugh because it feels good. Smile cause you want to. I’ve heard all the excuses, I think you’re untrue. You say you can’t grin because they’ll know. That you have a weak spot that’ll show.

The leaves grow on these tree’s but the love does not grow in my heart. The cold grows in the night but my sentiment stalls at the sight. A sight of souls waiting for stories, mental pictures of your life you’ve been destroying. It’s a shame how far you’ve come. A shame that all of your fear is gone, Cause I’ve been looking and searching for a soul who is broken. It seems you’re not only here on vacation. Little girls seem to mistake the directions.  You’re so very long from home. You missed your prince on the throne? Way back there? From sex appeal to showered drugs that heal. Heal hearts and pain.  Do you know what road’s on your way? Your facing Demons and dragons. No knights and shining lanterns. Hold on to the rope cause someone is bound to cut it down. Take hold of something more than your thrown cause someone is bound to knock you down.




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