Laugh because it feels good. Smile cause you want to. I’ve heard all the excuses, I think you’re untrue. You say you can’t grin because they’ll know. That you have a weak spot that’ll show.

The leaves grow on these tree’s but the love does not grow in my heart. The cold grows in the night but my sentiment stalls at the sight. A sight of souls waiting for stories, mental pictures of your life you’ve been destroying. It’s a shame how far you’ve come. A shame that all of […]

Little somethings

Because the days are shorter than the nights i grow quiet, Because the cold achs my body i grow mean, Because you look so intensly at her i grow fire from withen, I never had a bad thought for your kind until i let you in So i study, and i study again The mind […]

It all happened so fast This wind in my glass That decided it was my time to break For Heavens sake take me back Take me to the long kisses Over dresses and over dressing were my downfall And Boy did i fall down So ashamed now but back then it wasnt absinence that was […]

Life, Pain, Religion

It took a little bit, i took a little sniff, then a little more It was a little too much that made me hit the door running ODing Thinking i was doing something good It made me feel good It made me feel out of this world, thats what i wanted No one told me […]

Grateful For Your Gifts Lord

I took one look and i felt good, Before i felt bruised and misused, Used in portions, How unsupported. I told myself i was shorted in a lot of ways but i was really blessed, Everything you gave, You gave for me to look over.  To cook and re-cook so i could do things for […]

You Saved Me

Its like the beats go to seconds and of course turn to minuets but my salvation just lit up from his presence and i have not to wonder anymore or fear of the world, The fear of the Lord has only caught my attention and the nature around my limb has turned into beauty, How […]

My unwillingness to take your word, MY anger in every verse, Amazingly i pause to conserve the very medicine that holds on me and i love it.  I take it in with every grin, Your sane, im way beyond,  I found myself siting at the pond, poundering,  Talking to Lady Triste about being ungodly.  Serving […]

Falling In The Fist Of It All

It all seems so real, the nonsense and the skill I start to spill marbles in the sink, One for the i’ll be back’s and the “stay in tact”, Two for the strays they all seem to come my way. Lost souls, full of time and questions,  Why am i here?  Im the definition of […]

Build up from the bottom

You say your sick, Oh yes im sick too can’t you see it’s been over from the start and i can’t miss you because it hurts to bad,  At one point you were all i ever had,  You always run game, here comes the next, i hear the same thing and i laugh,  Methaphors and […]