Read all of this and then draw to this, Picture this a dark room all alone, no one to show you home so you sit and ponder where’s the love at? And where’s the truth at? If this is all, where’s the drugs at?

I tend to say to many things I gravitate to his arms

I call it home who would of known

It was him and her, well i sat alone

Faithful turned into hateful

I hit delerious and now he’s missing me

But im missing pills

There’s nothing left of me to go around so i turned selfish and gained a frown

It’s here, I’m here its LADY TRISTE

Found a church but the devils creepin, I should of known it wouldn’t be so easy so i shoot him a messege, A mental note

Sit back and laugh well i throw a swig to the back but ill never follow you, admire you

For My Lord is the only TRUTH You are no longer the one who rule’s, I just hope God forgives me for all the hateful things i do





Amongst An Instrumental

Underneath my pillow i set a very special thought, One i keep for a bad dream soon to come, Dear, Lord
Forgive me for it all, all the sins i commited. I know i hurt you bad and i never will forget it. Pastor says we must all be obedient and stray from temptation. Please just make the nightmares go away and the horrid things i think of. All i wanna do is serve you and spread the word of your greatness. Your word brings me so much patience to deal with what i have to. Peace and love, I wish everyone could know you And believe. SO once again please make them go away, i love you so so much

-Your Child

Everlasting Life

It used to be your world

Now it’s mine like finders keepers

It used to be his and hers

Tears and creepers

I found love where they never keep her

And that’s where they want to keep me

Asking questions tryna get deeper

My soul was closed

Spiritually dead and so alone

Now I’m more alive than I’ve ever known

Through your words You are known

I wish everyone could see you

Like I do and like I believe

You forever been so good to me

By my side I always keep ya

Its only time to stop and see

There’s so much more than you and me

And the fighting that we’re doing

God’s listening and that should be enough

To make me straighten up

Cause through him I can overcome anything

And that’s all that I believe

I tell him every day it’s you and me

Cause through it all you’ve rescued me

You gave me the strength in thee to be a better person

No longer filled with burdens and its al because of you

I never knew the truth

But now I get chills

Every blessing you give is a thrill

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Days By Days

Day by day i try, but i must try harder

Day by day my mind wonders but i mustn’t sit and ponder

I am selfless and mindless

I am crying because the truth is looking me in the eye and i don’t want to hear it

But I am listening

I am comprehending

I am learning

I am growing

I am changing but no doubt i am afraid

Afraid of how out of reach my comfort zone has become

However, When i stretch to reach there’s a grin on my face

It’s happening…

I am becoming the person i WANT to be

Googling for Inspiration (I Learned a New Word!)

In advance to this blog a Landgravine is the wife of a Landgrave (one who has control over a territory) who pursuits tasks in the office or holds the rank in her own right. Iv never heard of this word, but it is interesting though and the picture that appeared for its search oh! I love it. The formal-looking woman in the old photo is Princess Elizabeth. In 1820 Prince Frederick, Elizabeth's husband took over his father as the landgrave of Hesse-Homburg in Germany. Well Elizabeth, as a new pronounced Landgravine could escape the "rigid court etiquette" in England and "find herself".

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Reflecting at the end of Life

Forgiveness, one word. That is my only desire. I am not afraid to pass on. In all truth i am curious about it. Is there another life after this? Another dimension? We all have different thoughts and follow diverse beliefs but whats the truth? I believe i got off subject. However, Forgiveness is what i would fiend for. I believe if you are granted forgiveness you will have a "good" afterlife. A new life. A better one.

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